About Sterling Staffing Services, Inc.

At Sterling Staffing Services, Inc., we are well aware of the social and economic changes taking place in the world today, and we know how profoundly these changes have impacted the way in which corporations and organizations approach business.

Sterling Staffing Services, Inc., has consistently proven its ability to successfully adapt its strategies and approaches to effectively meet the specific needs of its respective clients, and yet one basic philosophy remains constant.

That a customer relationship built on mutual trust, respect, and confidence will ultimately pave the way to success.

At Sterling Staffing Services, Inc., our mission is to provide professional management services to our clients for employees needed to cover layoffs, quick project outputs, or just to fill in at a moments notice, at a premium rate to assist in maximizing their revenues.

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Simplifying your Staffing Needs

Sterling Staffing Services, Inc., recruits and selects the best qualified employees to fill your assignments on an as needed scheduled basis and guarantee all services to be preformed to your satisfaction. If you should find a problem with any temporary associates performance, notify us within the first four hours of their assignment, and Sterling Staffing Services, Inc. will not bill you for the individual’s services.


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Equal Opportunity

Sterling Staffing Services, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer and offers equal employment opportunities to all and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, handicap, ancestry or age.

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Billing Made Simple

You See Every Dollar

Sterling Staffing Services, Inc., takes pride in maintaining costs to your company and invoices only for the actual hours worked by our temporary associates. Sterling Staffing Services, Inc., will supplement all payroll taxes, federal and state as required by law, and all additional payroll expenses, I.e.: Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment taxes etc. Sterling Staffing Services, Inc., will pay all associates and invoice your organization weekly. For convenience, copies of all timecards will be included in your weekly invoices. Payments are net upon receipt of the invoice.